KlikACC Changed Its Name to KlikA2C to Expand Financial Network to the MSMEs Sector

24 November 2021 16:25 WIB

Penulis: Fadel Surur

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KlikA2C, a P2P lending fintech provider that has changed its name from KlikACC, recorded an 8-fold growth in financing distribution throughout 2019 - 2021. KlikA2C with its new website www.klika2c.co.id focuses on funding the MSMEs productive sector. (null)

Jakarta, November 23, 2021 – To strengthen its commitment to improve financing towards the productive MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) sector, KlikACC changed its name to KlikA2C. 

The name change is in accordance with the philosophy of KlikA2C which is only ‘click to get access to credit’, thereby expending the company’s reach to provide access to MSMEs productive credits. 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) KlikA2C, Djoemingin Budiono, said that KlikA2C continues to be committed to provide fintech-based financial P2P lending to the MSMEs productive sector in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“KlikA2C's focus is to expand the reach of finance to MSMEs, where 60% of Indonesia's population does not yet have finance access. KlikA2C embraces partners from various business sectors to jointly advance financial access for MSME actors. We believe that financial inclusion can be built with the spirit of partnership," said Djoemingin Budiono during a press conference on the rebranding of KlikACC to KlikA2C in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/11/2021).

KlikA2C which focuses on financing the productive sector of MSMEs, including farmers, recorded an 8-fold increase in loan disbursements over the past 2 years, from January-September 2019 to January-September 2021 with maintained credit quality, and success rate (TKB) 90 reaching 99.54%.

Focused on productive funding

Djoe explained that the total loan distribution since the establishment of the company was Rp529.87 billion to a total of 3,014 borrowers and outstanding loands of Rp86.65 billion. KlikA2C focused on productive funding for automotive sectors, micro credit (Kredit Usaha Rakyat) for farmers, invoice financing, and employee loan.

“This positive achievement has led the company to successfully record positive business growth, namely an average growth of 11% every quarter for the last 10 quarters (quarterly CAGR 11%). We are grateful that the company is growing positively in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic challenges, this is supported by the #KlikA2CHadirBersamaUMKM focus," said Djoe.

The surge in financial distribution was supported by working capital loans to used cars showroom owners, which rose more than 15 times, and the micro credit (KUR) loans to farmers, which increased more than 4 times. This shows the consistent commitment of KlikA2C to the MSMEs sector and those that have not been accessed by financial institutions, especially banks. 

Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded at least 91.3 million people are still untouched by financial or banking (unbankable) services.

KlikA2C Chief Operation Officer, Bong Elysabet, said that the name change was the company’s momentum towards the next achievement. KlikA2C implements a business model and business governance that is healthy, maintained, and provides benefits for borrowers and lenders with a loan ceiling of up to Rp2 billion.

“We are targeting KlikA2C to continue to maintain solid growth by continuing to maintain credit quality. On this occasion, KlikA2C also introduced applications and websites with a new look. The website can be accessed at www.klika2c.co.id. We hope that the improvement of KlikA2C's identity will be a turning point for the company that makes us more confident in facing challenges in the future, including the challenge of participating in advancing the P2P lending fintech industry in the country so that increasing public financial inclusion is achieved, " said Ely. 

On the same occasion, Ruda Mimbi, a KlikA2C user from Mimbi Cars Showroom at a Car Exchange in South Jakarta, said that since joining KlikA2C, he has enjoyed many conveniences, his business is growing and developing more importantly, feels safe and comfortable. 

“The financing process is easy, fast, so we are free to develop our business because we feel fully supported by KlikA2C,” said Ruda.

Aziz, a KlikA2C user who is a tobacco farmer from the slopes of Perahu Mountain, Central Java, said that because the tobacco season is over, he is now cultivating corn to keep his land productive.

“KlikA2C helped me a lot in applying for the KUR process and was quick in getting capital to buy seeds. The requirements are also very easy, can be sent via an online platform. KlikA2C staff are also friendly and very patient in explaining," he said.

Executive Director of the Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association (AFPI), Kuseryansyah, said that in terms of the Fintech Peer to Peer Lending industry, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) noted that outstanding P2P lending fintech loans reached Rp27.48 trillion in September 2021. 

This value rose 5.3 % compared to the previous month which amounted to Rp26.09 trillion. Industrial success rate was recorded at 98.10%. In terms of accumulated loan disbursements until September 2021, it reached Rp262.9 trillion, an increase of 64% from the January 2021 period of Rp 159.5 trillion. As for the total funds, as much as 58.64% was channelled for financing the productive sector.

“The fintech lending industry is growing positively amidst the challenges of the pandemic. In fact, the role of organizers is increasing to channel financing for the productive sector of MSMEs, including KlikA2C. AFPI supported its members to achieve positive business growth in order to advance the industry, thereby strengthening the role of fintech lending industry in expanding access to financing for the underbanked and underserved people,” Kus explained.

To strengthen the fintech lending industry, Kus continued, the association with the regulator, OJK, is increasingly monitoring so that in running their business, the organizers comply with the applicable code of conduct and regulations. 

"We again remind the public to only use fintech lending services registered and licensed by the OJK, check the status of the organizers before using their services to avoid unwanted things," concluded Kus.

Kus added that the activity with KlikA2C is a part of the celebration of the Indonesia Fintech Month (BFN). It was initiated by Bank Indonesia (BI), the Financial Services Authority (OJK), AFTECH, AFSI, and AFPI, and it is a series of events that serve as a forum for governments/regulators, fintech start-ups, and other stakeholders in Indonesia’s digital financial ecosystem (including e-commerce platforms) to accelerate national economic recovery through adaptation of fintech. The Indonesia Fintech Month started in 2020 as National Fintech Week.

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